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“Entre Los Dos” – out Now

Available on 10” LP, CD, cassette and digitally through Tender Loving Empire.

“It’s hard to think of anyone making music that sounds quite like this… Its formal inventiveness reflects her resilient spirit, letting it permeate every bit of this striking, vibrant record.”

– Pitchfork

“Mendoza’s voice is the X factor, ranging from forceful and strong to bright, sweet and vibrato-filled… global without sounding kitschy or like it’s lost its experimental edge.”

– The New York Times

“Mendoza is becoming a visionary, and her band continues to intrigue as it evolves”

– NPR Music

“Y La Bamba suffuses their dream pop soundscapes with beguiling cumbia and mariachi rhythms”

– Rolling Stone

“On Mujeres, mastermind Luz Elena Mendoza’s voice rises and falls with the ease and uncontainable power of fresh water rushing over smooth rocks.”

– The A.V. Club

“Brilliant sounding record mixing post-punk, Latin, Indie and Electronic elements with songs about her family and history”

– Bandcamp

“Mendoza’s inimitable songwriting is propelled by an earth-shaking voice and incisive lyrics that speak towards the duality of hurt and healing.”

– World Cafe